Tuesday, June 12, 2018

LINE OF ACTION - Where are you going?? アクションライン:どこへ向かうのか?

Art Credit:  Ron Husband (Quick Sketching) 

In past posts we have spent time defining what "gesture" is and to try to help reduce the confusion between "gesture"  the "line of action".

In this post let's take a look at what exactly the "line of action" is and what exactly does it do??



Ki Innis

While the gesture is always credited with a showing a state of mind, the line of action is responsible for showing the direction and the movement of the main mass of the subject.

The line of action is responsible for showing where the subject is going or gravitating towards physically.  The line of action is the longest line in the gesture.



Art credit: John Buscema (How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way) 

Oh?  So this means that the gesture is the emotional part and the line of action the physical?


Art credit: John Buscema (How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way) 


The line of action should convey some sense of feeling in its respective lines.


Art Credit: Carson Van Osten

The artist should not think of the line of action as just an academic line but an expression of feeling.  Locating the line of action does not rely on the artist thinking as much as it requires feeling.

The line of action even when isolated from the figure should have some sense of attitude, or emotional state.  Almost in abstract terms.



Ki Innis

It does require some use of the imagination.  But hey, what else is the purpose of drawing if not to use the imagination??  

In the future I will give some suggestions for exercises so we can connect better with this kind of visualization.  In the meantime, please take a look of some examples I gathered for you.



Art Credit: Preston Blair  (Cartoon Animation) 

Art Credit: Ron Husband (Quick Sketching)

Ron Husband (Quick Sketching)

Ron Husband (Quick Sketching)

Art Credit: Sergio Pablos

If the body is twisting - the Line of Action may also twist giving the impression of two lines of action , but we believe there is only one!


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