Sunday, April 19, 2015

BROTHERMAN RETURNS!! (Indiegogo Project!)

 In spring of 1990, at my Alma mata, Howard University, (the African-American university mecca) the talk was everywhere...

"Yo, did you hear?  Did you hear??  There is a new black comic book coming out made and drawn by black artists!"  

"What's the title?" 

Bear in  mind despite being around the same time as the first Tim Burton Batman film,  comic books had not quite caught on as a viable mainstream commercial entertainment -- much less, successful independent comic publishing (ie. Image Comics) was still just on the horizon.

The interest and curiosity was real and electric and not just around the university but also around the nation.  Even Arsenio Hall (late night king for American TV at the time) even gave Brotherman a plug. 

The only problem was HOW to get it. Finding a copy of Brotherman was extremely difficult in comparison the monster distribution that companies like Marvel had at the time.

The brainchild of artist Dawud Anyabwile and writer Guy A. Sims. Brotherman's release was a landmark creative work both for the comic book industry but also, American culture.  Brotherman chronicled "hard-boiled-hip-hop" urban adventures of  vigilante Antonio Valor in his war against urban crime .  Brotherman  was an "ethnic" comic book right down to the animated, almost graffiti style rendering and and choice of line --- but still accessible to a wide audience.  Not a superhero just painted black.

Finally, Brotherman is on the fast track to being reborn in an animated graphic novel and series though an IndieGogo crowd funding project.   A new retelling of the Brotherman saga from the talented Guy A. Sims, Dawud Anyabwile and colorist Brian McGee is what many have been waiting for a long time.

The original comic magazine series was a compelling story with amazing artwork that had more to express culturally and personally than anything on the market at that time.

I am confident that the new series Brotherman: Revelations will deliver that and much more.  Please go to the Brotherman: Revelation IndiGogo page and support and share within your circles to make this happen.

Link to Brotherman: Revelations IndieGogo Page: