Thursday, November 16, 2017


When doing gesture drawings, always remember that you are drawing an action or at least a state of mind.  Drawing just the contour or replicating what's in front of you is not the path to making a drawing that has life. 


One aspect of pushing your drawings is to be aware of where the tension is and not being afraid to push it even further at times.  Figures that are evenly balanced and vertical are somewhat dead.  


These quick drawings I made both have the sense that they are pulling away from their gravity centre.  This tension is what creates the illusion of movement when the figure is actually standing still. 


There is a drawing teacher who suggested imagining a rubber band like tension that would snap the figure back into their previous position.


Models in life drawing sessions sometimes "straighten" out due to the difficulty of holding long poses.  It's our jobs to push the poses beyond what the model is giving us.   


NOTE:  The blue lines represent the direction the body is pulling away from its center of gravity.  The ball and the arrow represents where the gravity is.

John Buscema 

Samantha Youssef

Andreas Deja