Saturday, December 15, 2018

Drawing --- Where to Start?? ドローイング:どこから描く??

"I know where the weight is coming from, and where the weight is just traveling, and where the weight is transferring to."  
- Milt Kahl


Where to start?  


This is one of the most commonly asked questions when it comes to drawing.   "Do I start with the head?", "Do I draw the muscles first?", "Do I draw a stick figure first?"


The most important thing when starting a drawing is to see the gesture! 


My drawing instructor, Glenn Vilppu often would say, "If you don't have the gesture,  you don't have anything." 


Some people fear about what is the first line that should touch the paper.  I personally like to start with the torso.  In my opinion that is where the center of gravity is.  I have seen people start with the foot!  In their mind, that is a point to anchor to be clear where the weight is.   Glenn Vilppu will often start with the head because he feels, "the body follows the head".  

一本目のラインを引くのが怖くてためらわれるという人もいます。私は、個人的には、胴から描き始めるのが好きです。重心は胴にあると考えているからです。足から描き始める人を見たことがあります! 彼らの考えによると、それはウェイトがどこにあるかを明確に示すポイントだというわけです。グレン先生は、たいてい頭から描き始めます。グレンによると、「体は頭に従う」ものだからです。

All these approaches are correct.  It's simply a matter of what tool is best for you to visualize the gesture.  They all have a common consideration of a force being acted upon the body.  I say that force is gravity.    


I have included some of my own examples of some quick sketches and where I start.  It may be too fast to catch but I drew starting with the head, torso and foot in different cases.   However, seeing the gesture in my head was the most important part before putting a line down.  


I also included some rough gestural drawings from my inspirations: John Buscema, Catherine Jeffery Jones, Charles Dana Gibson and Heinrich Kley.  See the power and weight in the gesture ---- gravity pulling on the figure and you might see that was the focus of the artist.    


Also below is an excellent link with Glenn Vilppu demonstrating drawing the model from imagination. 


Heinrich Kley


John Buscema


Catherine Jeffery Jones


Charles Dana Gibson