Monday, September 28, 2015

Weta Workshop's Greg Broadmore Is Coming To Tokyo

How do these movie titles make you feel?  King Kong (2005), Godzilla (2014), The Chronicles of Narnia, Mad Max: Fury Road, The Adventures of Tintin and the Academy Award nominated for Best Picture film, District 9.  

If you are at all familiar with the outstanding visual effects of these films, you might know that they were all designed under Peter Jackson's award winning special effects company:  Weta Workshop.  

You should also know that all these films were all designed in part or directly under the creative direction of Greg Broadmore.  

Sunday, October 17th, 2015, for ONE (1) day only next month, Greg Broadmore will be coming to Tokyo, Japan to conduct a concept design masterclass at Akiba Hall. 

At the event Greg Broadmore will discuss working as a concept designer on major blockbuster films,  his experience with Weta Workshop and do a live demonstration of for all the attendees. 

The event is being produced by Japan's Born Digital, Inc.INEI Studio and Master Drawing Japan. 

To make reservations and more details please go to Born Digital's website!