Tuesday, March 26, 2019

How to Do DYNAMIC FIGURE Drawing - 人物ドローイングをダイナミックに

So we have acquired some skill in drawing the human figure.  We understand anatomy, how to measure and use perspective.    But why isn't our drawing leaping off the page?  What is missing?

ある程度、人物を描けるようになったとしましょう。アナトミー、パースについても理解しました。それでも描いた人物が紙から飛び出してこないのはなぜでしょう? 何が足りないのでしょう?

Legendary comic artist Jack Kirby is often considered the ultimate master of dynamic figure drawing.  Though he never trained formally,  his figures always felt they were about to leap off the page and hit you in the face.


Jack Kirby called himself a cartoonist but some in the comics industry called him an impressionist and even a genius.  His approach towards figure drawing is still used today in American comics, animation, movies and advertising.


The above illustration of Marvel Comics' Black Panther (created by Jack Kirby) is crude but the dynamic power is undeniable.     Some might  say it's simply "forced perspective".  That might be true, but Kirby really used this tool to push drama and power into his figures. 


This would lead the path for more commercially trained artists like John Buscema.  Buscema confessed he stole Kirby's compositions and sensibility in order to get that dynamic impact into his work when he was assigned to draw Marvel's Avengers or Fantastic Four.   Kirby's tools combined with Buscema's draftsmanship would give results like this:

And this!  


Comic professionals said Kirby's figures are so dynamic their arms and legs would be in two different time zones!  Buscema used Kirby's method but in his own way.  


Ok, enough lauding over Kirby and Buscema.  We know they are great -- HOW TO DO WE DO DYNAMIC DRAWING?  


The keys to DYNAMIC DRAWING are here!
Keys are:


Deep Space
Dynamic Rhythm 


Our magnificent and amazing model this month is the spectacular Utageguruma!   Her uncanny body control and movement is almost spider-like at times.  Perfect for this month's lesson point.


Take for example this first photo.


It's a great pose.  Twists, angles, rhythm.  And maybe in the hands of an average artist we might render a gesture drawing like this:


So what's wrong here?  Nothing,  if the aim was just to illustrate a simple gesture.  But see how even everything is.   Everything seems to be on the same plane.  There is nothing wrong with this approach, but for dynamic figure drawing, this is a "C" grade at best.

何がいけないかって? 単純なジェスチャーを描きたいだけなら、何もいけないところはありません。どこをとっても均一に描かれています。どの部位も同じ平面上に存在しています。これがいけないわけではありません。ただし、ダイナミックな人物を描きたいのなら、これではよくも悪くもなくといったところでしょう。

Now look here.  Now this is more dramatic.  Here the contrast is undeniable.  The exaggeration of the trust in her leg creates more impact.  The use of contrasting size creates a sense of deep space.    Rhythm is of course used to keep the eye moving.  


Bear in mind these are only tools to help inform your work.  How far you want to take it is up to you. 


Mike Matessi, author of the FORCE books, has a great exercise using what he called the "Spatial Bounding Boxes".  It's a fantastic tool to help you see and design your figure drawing and push depth.


See it used here in the previous Buscema example:


Obviously the use of a larger box and a smaller box to frame major elements of your figure helps you to see and push even deeper space into your drawing. 


Recently I am huge fan of the animated film, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.  It's a fantastic film and it's filled with tons of super dynamic and inspirational poses that use the keys to dynamic figure drawing I noted above.  See how Mike Matessi's "Bounding Boxes" can be applied here.

最近見た「スパイダーマン: スパイダーバース」は私のお気に入りになりました。映画として素晴らしいうえに、ダイナミックで印象的なポーズがたくさん散りばめられています。このポーズには、このトピックで説明した秘訣が使われています。以下は、マイケル・マテジのバウンディングボックスを置いた例です。

These are just great.  Bold and dynamic!  




Yes!  Homework!  Try doing your own dynamic drawing using the tools I noted above.  Copy some of the images I posed above, or from my other suggested images below.  Or  you can go to Utagegurma's YouTube or  Instagram page and try some figure drawings from there!   Share your work with me here or on social media.   Looking forward to seeing you at the next Ki Creative Drawing Workshop on April 15th!   Have fun!  

そうです! 宿題ですよ。説明したツールを使って、ダイナミックなドローイングを描いてみてください。このページの上、下の画像からでも、UTAGEGURUMAのYoutube,やインスタグラムをチェックして、何体か描いて僕に見せてください。または、SNSで共有してください。次回のKi Creative Drawing Workshopは4月15日です。お待ちしています。楽しいですよ!!

More examples of dynamic drawing for your artistic health!  


Jack Kirby


John Buscema 


Jack Kirby


Bruce Timm 


Spider-Man:  Into the Spider-Verse - Sony Animation