Sunday, August 27, 2017


"What is the character thinking and why does he feel that way?"
- Ollie Johnston

- オリー・ジョンストン

You might be asking, what's wrong with my drawing?  Why isn't there anything happening?  The anatomy is correct, I've rendered it completely, I have used perspective but why isn't alive?  The answer might be in the question above.

こんな疑問を持ったことがあるのではないでしょうか。自分のドローイングはどこが悪いんだろう?  どうもピンと来ないのはなぜだろう?  アナトミーは正しいし、陰影もしっかりつけたし、パースもちゃんとしている。それなのに、生き生きとしていない。

"A drawing that doesn't convey an emotion or a state of mind isn't a good drawing."  


Make judgments about what you are putting down on paper.  Just don't copy.  We have cameras and digital photography for that. Your job as an artist is to convey a character.  Tell a story.  Your audience is paying you (with either money or time)  to show them what you, see. 

Don't be afraid to put what you feel in the drawing and even exaggerate what the character is doing. you can always "scale back" if you need to.



I have used scribbles and stick figures for clarity and simplicity. 

A.  Shows a person running, yes....but how does it compare to the attitude and feelings of B. and C.?


Use abstract lines to capture the movement and push the feeling.  Think abstract.  Not literal!