Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Glenn Vilppu's Tokyo Drawing Masterclass at Suidobata Fine Arts Academy

A second home-run thanks to master draftsman, painter and illustrator  Glenn Vilppu and the Suidobata Fine Arts Academy.    A four-day intensive drawing seminar in Tokyo on figure drawing, and drawing the human head, Glenn Vilppu, gave an amazing class to students, professionals and teachers from both Japan and abroad.  Some students came as far as from Kyoto in order to attend. 

This was Glenn Vilppu's second collaboration with Master Drawing Japan but his first (of hopefully many ) at the Suidobata Fine Arts Academy in Tokyo.

"The people who developed animation, were taught by people who never studied animation."  - Glenn Vilppu

Glenn Vilppu, who has taught drawing in the  animation industry for over 20 years (notably the Disney Animation Studio) made this note about the tools and terminologies that are used in animation which were carried over from classical painters and illustrators.  Essentially the aim the the same:  to create a sense that something is believable and living before an audience.  

As noted in an earlier blog, there is a new generation of artists coming up in Japan with a very hungry interest in the western approach towards art and animation.   Master Drawing Japan will provide for this need with more seminars with noteworthy professionals in the film and animation industry in the very, very  near future.