Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Intelligent Scribbles インテリジェント・スクリブル(知的な落書き)

" Why do life drawing?  Because we learn the normal to have authority with the fantastic.  We learn where the weight is. We learn proportion. We learn where to place things. We learn clarity.  It broadens our range.  It's like working out in order to get fit. And we don't want fancy drawings----we need intelligent scribbles"
-Richard Williams

「写生をする理由は何だろうか? 標準を知っている者には、奇想天外なことが許されるからだ。ウエイトがどこにあるか。比率はどうか。明瞭さとはどんなことか。すべてのパーツがどのようにつながっているかを理解できる。これが分かれば、ずっと幅が広がる。健康でいるために運動するのとおなじことだ。上手な絵を描こう、素晴らしい絵を描こうとするのは、無用なことだ。私たちが目指すべきは、知的な落書きだ」
 - リチャードウィリアムズ

These works by German illustrator Heinrich Kley are perfect examples of drawings that have weight and clarity.  His ink illustrations are loose and have a vitality showing clear gesture or line of action.  


Kley found gesture in large, bulky creatures such as elephants and maximized the obvious gesture in the long "S" curve bodies of alligators. 


Walt Disney was a collector of his art after being introduced to it by Disney artist Joe Grant. The influence of Kley's work in Disney's Fantasia segment, "Dance of the Hours" is undeniable.  

Kley's chaotic, but fun artwork should be an inspiration to loosen up and go to the heart of the gesture found in figures. The scaffolding of the working parts of the figure  (whether it be an elephant or a damsel) can be attached and cleaned up later. 



If Kley can successfully find the fluid gesture in a turtle, we should be inspired to at least find it in the human form!