Sunday, October 18, 2015

Greg Broadmore's Monster of a Masterclass in Japan

It was really an honor organize our first masterclass with Greg Broadmore from Weta Workshop yesterday at Akiba Hall.  180 artists, students and professional came in attendance.  

Greg for four hours discussed about his work journey in concept art which led him to Weta Workshop, the amazing projects he has worked on - some of which has never been seen by the public before----- and what he has planned for the future with Magic Leap.  An additional bonus, Greg  created an on-the-spot digital painting of an outer world monster for the audience. 

Japan is on the cusp of changing it's approach towards concept art.  Due to the changing landscapes of our world culture, Japan is moving towards a more "western" approach towards art education for production art and animation.

Big changes are coming.

It was an amazing and informative show and most of all it was fun.

Big thanks Greg!

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