Saturday, April 26, 2014

Shigeo Fukuda (福田 繁雄) - Graphic Design: 30% Dignity, 20%, Beauty, 50% Absurdity

A recent graphic design assignment has availed me to discover and rediscover some great artists in graphic design.  Shigeo Fukuda being one of them. 

Victory 1945 is perhaps one of his best known works.  Awesome, simple and effective commentary.

Fukuda has a very stark and compelling sense of design that could make someone say, "a Japanese Saul Bass"  but Fukuda takes it one step further.

Using planes that are clearly flat and 2D with subjects which had undeniable weight and volume make them greatly appealing.

Some his work compels the eye to travel so well the images border on being animated.

Fukuda was quoted, "I believe that in design, 30% dignity, 20% beauty, and 50% absurdity are necessary.  Rather than catering to the design sensitivity of the general public, there is advancement in design if people are left to feel satisfied with their own superiority, by entrapping them with an optical illusion." 

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