Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Post #100.

Good timing.   Much of what has inspired us has come from the sharing of others.  As artists, we starve to expand not only our "visual vocabulary" but our academic understanding of technique, theory or process.    All artists have had an experience where that "one little tidbit" of information if not set them on the right path, got them over a tremendous hurdle in improving themselves.  

Every single action we do has an affect on others.  The smallest act you do might have tremendous impact on other people.  It's my hope to simply inspire and  share some of what has inspired me over the years.  Pardon any semblance of vanity as I post sketches or drawings from my sketchbook.  Only the result of inspiration at work.

"Impression without expression equals depression."-  Walt Stanchfeld.

A great inspiration of mine is Peter De Seve.  I can't say he has been a major influence, but he does subscribe to much of what I find inspirational.  Peter de Seve has been an illustrator for The New Yorker and has been a character designer in animation for many years.  

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