Sunday, December 25, 2011

John Carter of Japan

Excited to see animation directors Andrew Stanton and Brad Bird taking their aim at live action.

Films are marketed differently in Japan for obvious reasons. The "desperate to get the teenage-male demographic" for Disney's, "Tangled" was still titled "Rapunzel" here in Japan. The idyllic fairy tale paradigm still goes over quite well in here.

That might be the reason why "The Dark Knight" had disappointing financial results in Japan. The general consensus was that it was, well....dark. Japan's mainstream moviegoers don't really see being "jaded" or "edgy" as attractive a virtue as in the USA.

Nitpicking, but I wish they kept the "John Carter of Mars" title for the Japan release of Disney's John Carter. The Japanese coming attraction reveals a lot more about the plot than the USA versions. My only questions is what was John Carter doing in New York? I thought he was a Confederate from Virgina.

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