Sunday, April 25, 2010

Art Of Nature

A trip to the Museum of Natural History back in January was particularly inspiring.

Nature is made up of a balance of organic elements, forces and structures. Usually we refer to organic shapes we tend to think of "rounded" or "curved" shapes. Appealing as they may be, they can lack structure and definition if taken to extremes. When we think of inorganic shapes we tend to think of "linear" or "inflexible shapes". As easily defined as they can be they lack can lack human appeal and lack life.

I saw a beautiful balance of these two concepts in nature. Organic forms expressing "force" and life but held together by linear forms in between providing structure.

In illustration some call this a "straight to curve" theory. I've even heard "opposite C's". I see this as as constant pattern or equation in nature I see repeated time and time again in life.

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